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LS-OPT 3.3

Release notes for LS-OPT 3.3

The following new features are available in Version 3.3:

  • Radial Basis Function networks are available to create surrogate models. The building of these metamodels is significantly faster than Neural networks.
  • Multi-Objective optimization (MOO) for converging to the Pareto optimal front is supported as both a direct and metamodel-based solver.
  • Robust parameter (Taguchi) design is supported. The variation of a response can be used as an objective or a constraint in the optimization process.
  • Mapping of results to the FE mesh of the base design the results are considered at fixed coordinates. These capabilities allow the viewing of metal-forming robustness measures in LS-PREPOST.
  • The ANSA morpher is supported as a preprocessor.
  • The truncated normal distribution is supported.
  • Extra input files can be provided for variable parsing.
  • A library-based user-defined metamodel is supported.
  • Interfacing to a Windows Compute Cluster Server (CCS) is supported.
  • Statistics can be calculated for checkpoints using an existing metamodel.
  • The 3-D Metamodel plotting including point plotting has been significantly enhanced.
  • Constraint plotting on 3-D metamodels is available with color-coded feasible/infeasible regions.
  • Regression statistics for metamodels (Mean, PRESS, R-squared) integrated with metamodel "Accuracy" plots.
  • The file viewing option (menu-bar) has been significantly enhanced. "lsopt_report" summary file refined and expanded to more types of analyses.