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A set of Neural Networks of the same order constructed using the same set of results. The nets are usually slightly different because a different weight initiator is typically used for the regression procedure of each individual net.
 Composite function
A function constructed by combining responses and design variables into a single value. Symbolized by F.
 Concurrent simulation
The running of simulation tasks in parallel without message passing between the tasks.
 Confidence interval
The interval in which a parameter may occur with a specified level of confidence. Computed using Student’s t-test. Typically applied to accompany the significance of a variable in the form of an error bar.
 Constrained optimization
The mathematical optimization of a function subject to specified limits on other functions.
An absolute limit on a response variable specified in terms of an upper or lower limit.
 Conventional Design
The procedure of using experience and/or intuition and/or ad hoc rules to improve a design.
A curve obtained by using the two ordinate values at a coinciding abscissa obtained from two separate functions. The two ordinate values are used as the abscissa and ordinate in the new crossplot. In LS-OPT two separate time histories are typically used to construct a single crossplot.