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 Material identification
See parameter identification.
Multidisciplinary design optimization.
The construction of surrogate design models such as polynomial response surfaces, Artificial Neural Networks or Kriging surfaces from simulations at a set of design points.
 Min-Max optimization problem
An optimization problem in which the maximum value considering several responses or functions is minimized.
 Model calibration
The optimal adjustment of parameters in a numerical model to simulate the physical model as closely as possible.
 Modeling error
See bias error.
Multi-objective Optimization
Mathematical Programming. Mathematical optimization.
Mean Squared Error. Used for system identification.
An objective function which is constituted of more than one objective. Symbolized by F. Multi-criteria. Refers to optimization problems in which several criteria are considered.
 Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO)
The inclusion of multiple disciplines in the design optimization process. In general, only some design variables need to be shared between the disciplines to provide limited coupling in the optimization of a multidisciplinary target or objective.