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LS-OPT® Status and Outlook
Features added to the recently released LS-OPT Version 5.2 are discussed. An outlook of the next version, which includes Statistical Classification and Digital Image Correlation, is given.
Design optimization with Modal Assurance Criteria (MAC)
Simulation-based optimization is one of the efficient tools for product design optimization. This paper introduces the application example of modal analysis with LS-DYNA and mode tracking of LS-OPT , to improve the body stiffness. The mode tracking is a powerful tool to track a specific mode by evaluating the scalar MAC value even if the sequence of modes is changed due to the modification of the design variables by the optimizer. For the connection in the car body model, adhesive bonding is included as well as spot welding.
LS-OPT®: Status and Outlook
Finding the best thickness run parameterization for optimization of Tailor Rolled Blanks