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Collection of information and examples for several tasks with LS-OPT
User Defined Solvers
Examples and information on the application of user-defined solvers.
User Defined Result Extraction
Examples and information on the use of external programs for results extraction.
Integrating a Pre-Processor
Examples and information on how to couple external prepocessors
Integrating a Post-Processor
A post-processor may be scheduled to run immediately after the simulations, but before extracting the data.
Parameterization of input curves
Optimizing LS-DYNA input curves using analytical functions
Integrating Excel
Integrating Excel in LS-OPT
Multi-level Optimization
Multilevel Optimization in LS-OPT using nested optimization framework.
Evaluate Metamodels
This example explains how to use an existing metamodel to evaluate further design points.
Import Design Functions
Import previously generated metamodels to perform metamodel-based tasks.
Creating imperfections in LS-DYNA® using the *PERTURBATION keyword
Imperfections for buckling and other instability problems can be created in LS-DYNA® using the *PERTURBATION keyword. These imperfections and perturbations are also known as stochastic fields. Modeling these imperfections is crucial for instability problems such a buckling analysis.