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Import Design Functions

Import previously generated metamodels to perform metamodel-based tasks.

Metamodels can be imported for the purpose of performing metamodel-based tasks such as optimization or reliability analysis. Only files in the LS-OPT DesignFunctions.x format (xml format) can be imported.

  • Select Import Metamodel
  • Specify a metamodel file in the Sampling dialog Features tab.
  • To import the input file, select the Import Metamodels option in the global Repair option in the menu bar OR the import repair feature can also be found by right-clicking on the Metamodel dialog box and selecting Repair Import.
  • An automatic import feature can be selected in the Task settings (Import metamodel). This feature can be used to automatically activate the metamodel import function as a pre-processor task before executing other tasks such as optimization or reliability analysis. This feature is useful when performing inner level tasks in a multi-level optimization based on existing metamodels. In such cases it is not possible to manually import a metamodel file for each inner level run.

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