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Evaluate Metamodels

This example explains how to use an existing metamodel to evaluate further design points.

Existing metamodels may be used in LS-OPT to evaluate further design points.
The variable values of these points must be stored in a .csv file that must contain two header lines containing the variable names and types, e.g.

x1 x2 x3
dv dv dv
1.0 2.0 3.0
2.0 3.0 4.0
4.1 6.2 3.3


Browse for the file with the sampling point information using the Evaluate Metamodel option in the Features tab in the Setup dialog.



Click on the Evaluate Metamodels among the Repair options under the Tools menu from the control bar of the main GUI window.


or right click on the Setup dialog box and then select the Evaluate Metamodels under Repair.



The output is stored in ExtendedResultsMETA_n.csv in the main working directory.

If a *.csv file is selected in the "Evaluate Metamodel" option from the beginning of an optimization/DOE, ExtendedResultsMETA_n.csv is generated automatically for each iteration. 

To run this example, we should have the original optimization/DOE done at first and then follow the foregoing guide to evaluate more design points based on the existing metamodel.

For further information, see LS-OPT® User’s Manual, Version 5.1, Section 8.5.1. Evaluate Metamodel.