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LS-OPT 3.2

Release notes for LS-OPT 3.2

The following new features are available in Version 3.2:

  • A standard deviation composite function has been added to allow Robust Parameter Design.

  • Parameter Identification has been enhanced by providing the necessary graphical pre- and postprocessing features. Confidence intervals have been introduced to quantify the uncertainty of the optimal parameters. 2-D plot comparisons (computed vs. test results) are produced automatically using LS-PREPOST.

  • The importation of user-defined sampling schemes has been made possible using text files with comma-separated values. These files can e.g. be created using Microsoft Excel.

  • Matrix operations have been introduced. A special function allows the initialization of a matrix. Standard operations such as invert and transpose are supported (only 3 x 3 matrices). Any component can be recovered from a matrix.

  • Result extraction has been extended to include a coordinate specification (as an alternative to node, element and part specifications) to identify the spatial location. The coordinate can be referred to a selected state. This feature is presently only supported for solid elements.

  • A simple feature allows gathering and compression of the LS-OPT database.

  • LS-DYNA d3plot compression is supported.

  • Checking LS-DYNA keyword files has been introduced to avoid common output request problems.

  • A feature has been introduced to retry aborted runs on queuing systems.

  • 3-dimensional point plotting of results is introduced as an enhancement of metamodel surface plotting. Feasibility, iteration number are color-coded.

  • Minor enhancements have been added to the GUI, e.g. the changing of internal window sizes (by using "sashes").