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LS-OPT 3.4

Release notes for LS-OPT 3.4

The following new features are available in Version 3.4

  • Strategies for Meta-Model based Optimization. The purpose of the new "Strategy" panel is to provide a simple choice of basic optimization setups depending on the application, while avoiding the pitfalls.
  • LS-DYNA Statistic Wizard-Display statiscal results visually in LS-PREPOST on the structure. This ability has been completely redesigned to allow a schorter learning curve. The GUI wizard and outlay guides a user through the creation of a plot.
  • A feature has been added to evaluate design points using an existing metamodel. A .csv file containing all the interpolated design results is produced. The feature can be selected under the "Evaluate Metamodel" tab in the "Solvers" panel. The repair feature "Analyze checkpoints" is used to do the evaluation using an existing database.
  • The methodology for sampling within a reasonable design space has been improved to make sampling constrained by geometric or other limitations more robust (so called "move" option). This feature is now also available for the direct GA optimizer.
  • More attributes are provided in the "Accuracy" plots such as clickable points to show computed/predicted values, and the feasibility status.
  • Most databases are now also available as a .csv (comma separated variables) file for importing into spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel (migrated to Version 3.3).
  • Discrete sampling is also available for the Space Filling sampling scheme.
  • The detailed optimizer history is available for each algorithm (OptimizerHistory_n.csv). These are available as .csv files, but will also be displayed in Version 4.
  • The LS-OPT database gathering feature (.zip file) has been extended to include the history data for each simulation run. These are required for the DynaStats and MeanSqErr features.
  • The summary report (lsopt_report) files have been extended to all the tasks.
  • The Kriging metamodel has been updated for better speed performance.