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LS-OPT 4.0

Release notes for LS-OPT 4.0

The development of LS-OPT has continued with an emphasis on the integration with LS-DYNA and LSPREPOST. The main focus of Version 4 has been the development of a new graphical postprocessor.

The following features have been added:

  • The Viewer has been redesigned completely to accommodate a multi-window format using a splitwindow

      and detachable window feature.

  • The Correlation matrix for simulation variables and results has been added.
  • For visualizing the Pareto Optimal Frontier, Hyper-Radial Visualization and Parallel Coordinate plots

      have been added to the more traditional scatter plot. Multiple points can be selected to create a table of
      response values. Point highlighting is cross-connected between plot types.

  •  An interface for the METAPost postprocessor has been added.
  • Topology optimization LS-OPT®/Topology has been added as a separate module. Please refer to the LSOPT/

      Topology User's Manual.

  • Many of the features such as the Reliability-Based Design Optimization have been significantly


  •  The Blackbox queuing system has been streamlined in terms of providing better diagnostics and a

       special queuing system Honda has been added.

  • The NASTRAN® interface for frequency extraction and mode tracking has been added.