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LS-OPT 4.3

Release notes for LS-OPT 4.3

The following new features are available in LS-OPT 4.3:

  • The MAC criterion replaces the Generalized Mass criterion for mode tracking (merged to Version 4.2). An option to turn off mode tracking was added.
  • Mode tracking is supported for all versions of LS-DYNA, including LS-DYNA MPP (merged to Version 4.2).
  • Sampling of the Pareto Optimal Front as a sampling option. A Space Filling algorithm, to maximize the distance between any two points in the design space, is used.
  • Option for selecting the number of verification runs for the trade-off curve of multi-objective optimization. Space Filling sampling is done to obtain a well-distributed trade-off set.
  • Head injury criterion (HIC) using three nodes for the different coordinate directions.
  • Support Vector Regression introduced as a metamodeling type.
  • User-defined postprocessor option.