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LS-OPT 5.0

Release notes for LS-OPT 5.0

The development of LS-OPT has continued with an emphasis on the integration with LS-DYNA.

The main focus of Version 5 has been the development of a new graphical pre-processor to accommodate design processes, in which the design stages are dependent on one another, as well as the improvement of the job scheduling system to enable handling of job dependencies. Transparency of the job scheduling process has also been improved.

The following features have been added:

Version 5.0:

  1. A process consisting of a chain of dependent stages can be analyzed. The process can be defined in the form of a flow chart which can merge and branch. Solver stages have been added as a new concept and building block for defining a flow chart.
  2. File operations such as deleting and copying between dependent stages are available.
  3. GUI features have been added to easily identify sources of design parameters.
  4. Job monitoring has been enhanced by allowing progress visualization on a stage-by-stage basis. Any run directory can be viewed.
  5. Resource definitions have been added to enhance the concurrent job submission capability.
  6. Variables can be de-activated arbitrarily using a table of checkboxes. This avoids the necessity for changing variables to constants.
  7. New metal forming failure criteria.
  8. String variables. These variables allow the definition of discrete variables sets with names as might be used for include file names. GUI support is provided.
  9. The recovery of databases from remote servers has been added as a GUI feature.
  10. A sorting feature has been added to the Correlation Matrix in the Viewer. The cross-correlations for any entity can be sorted.