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LS-OPT 7.0

Release notes for LS-OPT 7.0

The following features have been added:

  1. Job scheduler. This is a complete redesign. It includes SSH Proxy, new Blackbox features and new
    GUI dialogs. Supports user options for normal, error and abnormal termination when employing userdefined solvers.
  2. Principal Component Analysis. Can be applied to histories and multi-point spatial responses.
  3. Process management. Disable/enable samplings or process stages. Accompanied by automatic
    expression deactivation.
  4. Sequential metamodel-based probabilistic analysis.
  5. Classifier-based sampling constraints for adaptive sampling.
  6. Distribution fitting (Normal and Weibull) using user-defined observation data.
  7. Multi-point responses as a complement to the existing multi-point histories. Can be included in
    expressions and used in conjunction with PCA.
  8. Partial curve mapping algorithm DTW-P for material identification. Applied to full-field calibration
    (multi-point histories).
  9. LS-OPT Command-line options. General options such as cleaning a previous run, repair and archiving
    options can be specified on the command line.
  10. Interface to Oasys PRIMER.
  11. Updated graphics library (wxWidgets 3.0) used for the GUI.