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LS-TaSC 2.0

Release notes for LS-TaSC 2.0

Version 2 was started in spring of 2010 in response to industrial feedback regarding version 1. Version 2 is an important step forward containing the following major new features:

  • Shell structure support
  • Global constraints
  • Multiple parts
  • Symmetry definitions
  • Casting direction definitions

Some minor features are:

  • Tetrahedral solid element and triangular shell element support
  • The speed of some algorithms was improved
  • Improved integration with LS-DYNA

Many thanks are due to David Björkevik, who did the GUI design and implementation, as well as Tushar Goel, who did the initial global constraints implementation. Valuable feedback from customers and co-workers is also acknowledged.


For more details see Official Release of LS-TaSC: http://www.lsoptsupport.com/news/official-release-of-ls-tasc-topology-and-shape-computation-available