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LS-TaSC 3.0

Release notes for LS-TaSC 3.0

Version 3 was started in spring of 2012 focusing on free surface design as well as imbedding the LS-TaSC product into the LS-PrePost framework. Version 3 is an important step forward containing the following major new features:

  •  Free surface design of solids including
    • Geometry definitions
      • Extrusions
      • Symmetry
      • Edge smoothing
    • Automatic mesh smoothing
  • Integration into the LS-Prepost framework. This is a long term project which at this stage includes:
    • Expanding the previous GUI capabilities for free surface design
    • The model tree on the left on the screen allowing quick navigation of the LS-TaSC model
    • Picking of parts and surfaces
    • Integrated editing of the LS-DYNA FE model to create surfaces, coordinates systems, and other entities required for the LS-TaSC design.

Some minor features are:

  • Support of *MAT_ORTHOTROPIC_ELASTIC for the topology design of solids.
  • Support of the d3part database for reading field results.
  • The LCSS curve option of *MAT_PIECEWISE_LINEAR_PLASTICITY is now supported.
  • Checking and adding the LS-Dyna binary output requests required for constraints
  • The iteration count now starts at 0, with iteration 0 being the initial design provided by the user.
  • The Material Utilization plot is now scaled with the value of the target field value. A value larger than 1 indicates that an element is highly used, while a value smaller than 1 indicates that an element is lightly used.
  • Existing lst_output.txt files will be copied to a new name, instead of being appended to, if the environment variable LSTASC_SEPARATE_OUTPUT is set.