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LS-TaSC 3.1

Release notes for LS-TaSC 3.1

Version 3.1 was started late in 2013 focusing on updating the constrained design optimization algorithm. It contains the following major new features:

  • Multi-point derivative scheme considering the derivative of the response with respect to the part masses and load case weights
  • Optimization using mathematical programming and the multi-point derivatives
  • Generalized constraints:
    • All LS-Dyna® output, similar to LS-Opt®
    • Mathematical expressions
  • User-defined results
  • Iso-surface plots of a design

Some minor features are:

  • Element results filter radius can now be set relative to the element dimensions. It used to be global. The default was changed to be relative to the element.
  • The *INCLUDE keyword is supported.
  • The topology algorithm is restricted from deleting too many elements per iteration.
  • The logic of the solid/void schemes has been clarified.