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LS-TaSC 2021 R1

Release notes for LS-TaSC 2021 R1

Version 2021 R1, started in the summer of 2020, contains the following minor features:

  • Efficiency improvements to the multidisciplinary optimization.
    Disciplines with analytical design sensitivity information such as NVH load cases will no longer do
    a full multipoint analysis – the values for the sibling designs will be predicted instead.
  • Support of computations using the design sensitivity information in an NVH case;
    for example, “f2 /100 + f3*250.0”.
    This may also be used as an objective for an NVH analysis.
  • Support for materials
  • The minimum member size for parts can be enforced from the method panel.
  • STL output of the isosurface plots are now possible.
    These can be used to create a CAD version of the optimal design.
  • Support for extracting HIC (head impact criterion) results.