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LS-OPT 5.2
LS-OPT 5.2.1 is released.
LS-OPT 5.1
LS-OPT 5.1.1 is released.
LS-OPT 5.0
LS-OPT 5.0 is now available
LS-OPT 4.3
LS-OPT 4.3 beta releases are available.
LS-OPT 4.2
A major focus of the V4.2 development has been to refine and enhance the LS-DYNA® job distribution features for running LS-OPT on a PC or Linux machine controlling and monitoring LS-DYNA jobs distributed on a Linux cluster.
LS-OPT 4.1
LS-OPT 4.1 official releases are available. The main focus of the V4.1 development has been to further expand the graphical post processing and to significantly improve reliability and usability when distributing solver jobs across networks.
LS-OPT 4.0
LS-OPT 4.0 releases are available. This is a major new release with many new feature particularly within the viewer.
LS-OPT 3.4
LS-OPT 3.4 official releases are available.
LS-OPT 3.3
LS-OPT 3.3 is officially released with many new features.
LS-OPT 3.2
LS-OPT 3.2 is available for all common platforms.