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LS-OPT 3.4

LS-OPT 3.4 official releases are available.


 Platform availability: LS-OPT is only available for Windows and Linux platforms.

About LS-OPT 3.4

Since Reliability-based Design Optimization (RBDO) is rapidly becoming the standard for simulation-based design optimization, LS-OPT Version 3.4 focuses on several improved features for this design application. Significantly faster computation has been achieved by improving the reliability analysis code, introducing new optimization algorithms and optimizing the executable code. User-friendliness for both optimization and probabilistic analysis has also been improved, principally by adding a completely new wizard for analyzing LS-DYNA statistics and simplifying the choices for metamodel-based optimization. Several Viewer (post-processor) features, among others the visualization of the Pareto Optimal Frontier, have also been enhanced.

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