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Problem Description

The material parameters of a foam material must be determined from experimental results, namely the resultant reaction force exerted by a cubic sample on a rigid base.


Fig. 1 - Foam material on rigid base 


The "experimental" resultant forces were generated

from a LS-DYNA run with the parameters E=106

and Y=103. Samples are taken at different time steps:

Time [ms] Force [N]
2 10000
4 13000
6 15000
8 17000


New points illustrated by this example:

  • How to do parameter identification
    • using a point-based Mean Squared Error composite function.
    • using a history-based Mean Squared Error composite function.
  • Using multiple simulation models in the same optimization problem (multi-case).

Design Variables:

  • Young's modulus E (YMod) of the foam material.
  • Yield stress Y (Yield) of the foam material.

Design formulation:

  • Minimize the residual reaction force (rcforce).

Possible approaches for the problem solution