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Metal Forming Optimization

This example illustrates an optimization of a metal forming process with LS-OPT.

GIF animation forming


Trimming operation performed


GIF animation springback



This example problem illustrates the following features:

  • Setting up a process consisting of several simulation steps in LS-OPT.
  • How variables in the first stage affect responses in final stage in process.
  • File transfers between stages.


The criteria of interest are the following:

  • Springback of final component.
  • Thinning of metal sheet.


Design formulation:

  • The variables are the starting and ending binder force, linearly varying in between. 



  • LS-OPT easily facilitates influence studies of process variations, introduced at any stage in the process, on the final component. 


Problem Solution:

⇒ Solution with LS-OPT