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Problem Description


The sheet metal forming process is performed in a two-step procedure. First, a trimming simulation is executed, and in the second step the forming simulation is performed. Adaptive meshing is used in the finite element analysis. Both simulations are run with LS-DYNA.



Metamodel-based Monte Carlo Analysis

A metamodel-based Monte Carlo Analysis is performed to judge on the robustness of the model. Uncertainties of parameters are incorporated by assigning a statistical distribution to each design variable. The results are statistics of the variation of the system responses caused by the variation of the parameters. 


Design Variables

  • The force applied by the punch f_force
  • The scale factor for the load curve to define the material hardening parameter SCALE
  • The statical coefficient of friction between the work piece and the blankholder FRIC



  • Upper surface of the Forming Limit Diagram FLD_upper_surface
  • Lower surface of the Forming Limit Diagram FLD_lower_surface
  • Center surface of the Forming Limit Diagram FLD_center_surface
  • Maximum thickness reduction of the work piece THICKNESS


Problem Solution