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Shape Optimization

Implementation and modification of geometrical parameters in LS-OPT.

To optimize the shape of a part in LS-OPT, an interface to a preprocessor has to be used. Several interfaces to preprocessors are availbe in LS-OPT, including a user-defined option.

The process chain to be optimized is at least a two-stage process including a preprocessor and a solver. In such a case the design parameters, which are to be modified to optimize the geometry, are defined when integrating the preprocessor stage.

Additional parameters can be defined in the solver input file. The preprocessor output is used as solver input. For LS- DYNA, the output can be used as an include file, specified in the main input file.

Some pre-processors allow the user to generate multiple output files which can be used in multiple parallel simulation stages by using a file operation function between the stages to copy the selected pre-processor output files.

The recommended task and strategy for single objective optimization is Metamodel based Optimization and Sequential with Domain Reduction.