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How to specify Abnormal Termination when using runqueuer/wrapper?

If the wrapper is used in the usual way and only reports the output of the solver, LS-OPT won't get the Abnormal Termination signal.

The wrapper has to report both the output of the solver and the termination status, N o r m a l, E r r o r or A b n o r m a l. If the wrapper only reports the status and the solver run takes longer than the time specified for queuer timeout, this produces the abnormal termination. The default queuer timeout is 720 minutes.

Since the wrapper may only be called once, a script that runs LS-DYNA and prints the termination status has to be provided, see run_lsdyna_abnormal.sh below for an example.
The wrapper can then be prepended to the call of that script:

wrapper run_lsdyna_abnormal.sh


mpirun –np \$NCPU \$DYNAMPP i=DynaOpt.inp> dynlog
if [ \`grep 'N o r m a l' dynlog \` ]
\`echo 'N o r m a l'\`
else if [ \`grep 'E r r o r' dynlog \` ]
then \
`echo 'E r r o r'\`
\`echo 'A b n o r m a l'\`