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Shape Optimization with HyperMorph and LS-OPT

Remark: This example is tested with LS-OPT version 5.1 interfacing with HyperMorph version 13.


HyperMorph setup

The shape variables, a file containing the coordinates of the nodes of the initial shape DESIGN-VARIABLEN.SHP and a file containing the shape modification from the inital shape to the final shape DESIGN-VARIABLEN-dynakey-node.tpl have to be defined in HyperMorph.


LS-OPT setup

The HyperMorph preprocessor can be interfaced with LS-OPT:

Solver Panel

During the optimization, HyperMorph generates a file nodes.include for each run containing the coordinates of the nodes with respect to the current shape variable values. Run Jobs in Directory of Stage crashbox is selected, hence the file is directly generated in the run directories of the stage crashbox. It is used as an include in the LS-DYNA input file.

LS-OPT recognizes the names, starting values and bounds of the design variables from the HyperMorph input file and displays them automatically in the Setup → Parameter Setup panel.