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History and response result extraction using LS-PrePost

The post-processor LS-PrePost (http://www.lstc.com/lspp) may be used to extract history results in LS-OPT. A command file containing LS-PrePost commands that extracts the results may be generated by executing the appropriate commands in LS-PrePost manually. LS-PrePost automatically saves the commands in lspost.cfile. This file can be renamed and stored to be used is LS-OPT. An example for a LS-PrePost command file is given below. It is required to name the saved xyplot LsoptHistory. Thereby LS-OPT imports the created curve.

open d3plot d3plot
ascii rcforc open rcforc 0
ascii rcforc plot 4 Ma-1
xyplot 1 savefile xypair LsoptHistory 1
deletewin 1

The command file is renamed to get_force.cfile and may now be executed in batch mode to extract the history result in LS-OPT.


Note: Under windows we need to specify the complete path of LS-PrePost, if  the path environment variable is not set.


The created history may be used to create Response results by defining response functions, e.g. the maximal value of the force curve may be extracted.