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How can the number of solver jobs to be run in parallel be defined?

Specifying Computing Resources for Concurrent Processing

Resource limits and units are used the specify the number of jobs that are submittied in parallel by LS-OPT.

Multiple resource limits can be defined for each stage. The resource attributes consist of Units per job as well as the Global limit. This feature is non-dimensional and therefore allows the user to specify limits on any type of computing resource such as number of processors, disk space, memory, available licenses, etc.


A user has 10,000 processors available and wants to execute an optimization run using MPP simulations requiring 128 CPUs per job. He therefore specifies the units per job as 128 and the global limit as 10,000.

For this same optimization run, the user has 5,000Gb disk space available while using 40 Gb of disk space per job (which is deleted after the completion of each job). A second resource therefore has to be specified with attribute values 40 units per job and a global limit of 5,000.

The resource setup is shown in Figure 5-9. The job scheduler will launch jobs that will not exceed any of these two limits.