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LS-OPT 3.3 released

Release Notes: LS-OPT Version 3.3

The following new features are available in Version 3.3:

  1. Radial Basis Function networks are available to create surrogate models. The building of these metamodels is significantly faster than Neural networks.
  2. Multi-Objective optimization (MOO) for converging to the Pareto optimal front is supported as both a direct and metamodel-based solver.
  3. Robust parameter (Taguchi) design is supported. The variation of a response can be used as an objective or a constraint in the optimization process.
  4. Mapping of results to the FE mesh of the base design the results are considered at fixed coordinates. These capabilities allow the viewing of metal-forming robustness measures in LS-PREPOST.
  5. The ANSA morpher is supported as a preprocessor.
  6. The truncated normal distribution is supported.
  7. Extra input files can be provided for variable parsing.
  8. A library-based user-defined metamodel is supported.
  9. Interfacing to a Windows Compute Cluster Server (CCS) is supported.
  10. Statistics can be calculated for checkpoints using an existing metamodel.
  11. The 3-D Metamodel plotting including point plotting has been significantly enhanced.
  12. Constraint plotting on 3-D metamodels is available with color-coded feasible/infeasible regions.
  13. Regression statistics for metamodels (Mean, PRESS, R-squared) integrated with metamodel "Accuracy" plots.
  14. The file viewing option (menu-bar) has been significantly enhanced. "lsopt_report" summary file refined and expanded to more types of analyses.