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LS-TaSC version 2.1 beta released

This beta version is of interest to people needing bug fixes and the latest features.

Version 2.1, started in spring of 2011, is a refinement of version 2.

It contains the following major new features:

  • Dynamic load case weighting. This algorithm obtains a design equally relevant for all design load cases.
  • Forging geometry definition. This geometry definition is similar to a two-sided casting except that a forging thickness is introduced.

New minor features are:

  • Castings can have interior holes.
  • Pentahedral elements are supported.
  • The memory footprint is reduced more than a factor of 2 and an option is provided which can be set to reduce memory use by a further factor of 2.
  • *MAT_ELASTIC is supported for the design part.
  • Lightly used elements can be kept instead of deleted.
  • The SIMP algorithm can be switched on and off.
  • Coordinate systems are no longer limited to DIR=X.
  • Restarting was improved to be faster by using more archived results.
  • A fringe plot of the material utilization as considered in the design process can be viewed.
  • The fraction of the original number of elements used in the design can be viewed as a history.


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