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New Curve Matching Metric in LS-OPT 4.2

In LS-OPT 4.2, a new curve matching metric suitable for hysteretic curves is available.


One popular use of LS-OPT is for identifying system parameters; for instance material properties. This is typically done by having one or more curves from a physical experiment. The experiment is then duplicated in LS-DYNA, and LS-OPT is used for trying to find the appropriate parameters that will generate a curve similar to the one in the experiment. For more information, see Curve Matching Metrics

Paper published on 8th European LS-DYNA® Users Conference, Strasbourg

An Effective Curve Matching Metric for Parameter Identification Using Partial Mapping

Katharina Witowski (DYNAmore GmbH)
Markus Feucht (Daimler AG)
Nielen Stander (LSTC)

This paper describes a new method for curve matching essential to the solution of inverse problems
represented by system parameter identification. Hysteretic response curves are specifically addressed as
a general class. The method is based on Partial Curve Mapping (PCM) of the experiment curve onto the
computed curve. This methodology involves a curve matching metric which is computed using the volume
between the test curve and the computed curve section. A number of examples are presented to
demonstrate the capability. These examples represent hysteretic curves which are impossible to match
without mapping.