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Topology Optimization

LS-TaSC™ is a Topol­o­gy and Shape Com­pu­ta­tion tool. De­vel­oped for en­gi­neer­ing an­a­lysts who need to op­ti­mize struc­tures, LS-TaSC works with both the im­plic­it and ex­plic­it solvers of LS-DY­NA. LS-TaSC han­dles topol­o­gy op­ti­miza­tion of large non-lin­ear prob­lems, in­volv­ing dy­nam­ic loads and con­tact con­di­tions.







General capabilities

  • Solid design using first-order hexahedrons and tetrahedral elements
  • Shell design using first-order quadrilateral and triangular elements
  • Global constraints
  • Multiple load cases, e.g. static, impact and NVH
  • Tight integration with LS-DYNA
  • Large models with millions of elements

Geometry definitions

  • Multiple parts
  • Symmetry
  • Extrusions
  • Casting, one sided
  • Casting, two sided
  • Forging


  • Design histories
  • LS-PrePost plots of the geometry evolution and the final design
  • Iso-surfaces








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