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Full Vehicle MDO

This example illustrates a realistic application of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) and concerns the coupling of the crash performance of a full vehicle with torsional stiffness and mode frequency. LS-DYNA is used for explicit crash and implicit NVH and eigenvalue simulations.

The example has been developed
within a founded project of ASC-S (Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart,

The underlying FE-model for this study is a free Ford Taurus LS-DYNA model from the "National Crash Analysis Center" website http://www.ncac.gwu.edu/.

Number of Parts: 771
Number of Shells: 776 209
Number of Nodes: 858 117
Number of Beams: 4
Number of Solids: 48 227
Number of Elements: 824 452

Problem Description

⇒ Load Cases

⇒ Design variables

⇒ Responses

Problem Solution

⇒ Linear Sensitivity Analysis